We’re Different


"You're refreshingly different!" That's what I often hear from couples who search and search and finally find us.

And I agree, we are quite different. And that's intentional. Here are a few differences between us and 97.4% of the other video guys out there…

happy just married young couple celebrating and have fun at beautiful beach sunset

We CARE. Yes, we actually care! And I think it shows in our work.

One package, one price. And it has it all! No games, gimmicks or hidden fees.

We give you unlimited camera time on your wedding day. Start to finish.

When it's all done, you'll have a priceless 45 to 60-minute movie production!

Our work has personality. You'll hear what grandma says, what your guests say. You'll re-experience the energy and love in the air.

We build you a custom website afterward, to show off your videos to your friends & family & guests. We will host it for free for one full year!

We offer incredible award-winner "Side Dishes!" These gems are uniquely ours and our couples love them! Such as Daddy's and For All The Years. Go check out Barefeet!


It's just a job…"Next, please!"

Multiple packages? Confusing, trying to figure out what you are and are not getting.

Unlimited is unheard of. You have to choose your time slots and pay accordingly.

You'll get a 6 to 12-minute video. That's it! I know, I know, don't hate the messenger.

Cinematic. That's what they all do. It's...it's...pretty much all the same. Music dubbed over images set to slow-mo. Lovely, but missing the "real" stuff.