OK, let's set the record straight: The last thing I want to be is a "vendor" at your wedding. So, just call me Uncle Rob. There, that's better.

My guess is, the last thing you want is to have is a stranger filming your wedding. So, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm originally from the Houston area. I now live in Sugar Land, Texas with my sweetheart and wife Franca. Wow, that almost sounds like I'm living with two women. But, they're the same wonderful Franca. We're very involved with our church, charities, and also with folks in our community.

What sets me apart from the herd? At the top of that list would be my Passion. I truly love what I do for my couples. Next on the list? I care. What? A pro who actually cares? Yep, I actually fall in love with my couples and their families on the big day. I join in on the celebration. And I'm certain that makes a big difference in my final product.

I'm thinking of what questions you might have for me if you and I were sitting here having a Starbucks together. I'll rattle off of few items that might help...

I've been doing videography for about 20 years. I began creating promo videos for commercial applications. I filmed a friend's wedding a decade ago. One year after that first wedding, I earned the Brides' Choice Award. Things moved very rapidly from there.

I've been filming weddings full-time for 10 years. I have other passions. I play the guitar, I love cheesecake, and I hate it when folks stop at a red light in the right lane and don't turn right.

I'm an author and a speaker. I speak and write about life and love and ways to flip your thinking to create more of what you want. You can take a peek at RobFlips.com.

I have three beautiful children of my own. I'm a very proud papa. Franca and I both have a close walk with the Lord. He is truly the third strand in our marriage.

And here's a bit from my heart. I truly do count it as a blessing and an honor to have you here considering my service. It would be a joy to work with you on creating that lifetime memory.

Uncle Rob