Franca & Rob Cross

After all the searching for the right video company, I’m delighted you made it to our corner of the Web. I’m Rob. I run a world-class film production company and I count it an honor to be in the running to capture your big day for you and your family.

My work is unique from the rest. I hope you enjoy your visit here. Now, make yourself some popcorn, pour some vino, and enjoy your stay.

Our Accolades

we take our work1

We put a great deal of attention and pride into what we do for our couples. We always aim for nothing short of Excellence with every project. Proof’s in the puddin’ with our earned awards and written reviews.

Close up of beautiful floral wedding bouquet 

ELEVEN YEARS IN A ROW from WeddingWire! <Insert Blush Here>

TEN YEARS IN A ROW from The Knot! Is this even possible??

I may not know exactly what this one means, but by golly we are that! The Knot graciously awarded us their Hall of Fame Award for 3 years in a row now. 

While others tell you how good they are, we let our past brides do our talking. :o)

250 is the easy part. BUT…they are ALL FIVE-STAR REVIEWS! Are you kidding me? More FIVE-STARS than anyone in the industry! OK, now I am humbled.

We’re Different


“You’re refreshingly different!” That’s what I often hear from couples who search and search and finally find us.

And I agree, we are quite different. And that’s intentional. Here are a few differences between us and 97.4% of the other video guys out there…

happy just married young couple celebrating and have fun at beautiful beach sunset

WITH US, We CARE. Yes, we actually care! And I think it shows in our work.
WITH THEM, it’s just a job. “Next, please!”

WITH US, you get One Package, One Price.
WITH THEM, be careful! You’ll always wonder what they’re not telling you.

WITH US, you’ll get Unlimited camera time, Start to Finish.
WITH THEM, choose your time slots and pay accordingly.

WITH US, you’ll receive a priceless 45 to 60-minute movie production!
WITH THEM, a six to eight minute video. I know, I know…don’t hate the messenger!

WITH US, our work has personality. You’ll hear what grandma says, what your guests say. You’ll re-experience the energy and love in the air.
WITH THEM, you’ll get a short video cinematic style. Beautiful, no doubt. But they’re all the same. Music dubbed over slo-mo and special FX. It’s all rather…shall we say…unreal?

WITH US, we offer you incredible award-winner “Side Dishes!” These gems are uniquely ours and our couples love them! Such as Daddy’s and For All The Years. And our Barefeet production takes the cake! Check them out here.
WITH THEM, crickets…crickets.